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Heavy Duty Clutch Kit

EXEDY Heavy Duty (HD suffix) clutch kits are perfectly suited for use in lightly modified vehicles or vehicles carrying loads used for daily driving or in amateur motor sports activities. A high performance clutch cover with increased clamp load which will transmit an increase in engine torque is included in these kits, with an organic clutch disc creating a performance clutch kit with smooth take off drivability.

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Heavy Duty Cushion Button Kits

EXEDY Heavy Duty Cushion Button (HDCB suffix) clutch kits are recommended for use in moderately tuned vehicles that are driven on a daily basis. This product utilises the positive aspects of an extremely durable ceramic material which has the capacity to transmit increased engine torque while maintaining a relatively comfortable engagement feeling attributed to the unique process of attaching the ceramic material to the clutch disc segment or marcel. To complement these unique clutch discs, HDCB clutch kits are also supplied with high performance clutch cover assemblies with increased clamp loads.

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Heavy Duty Button Kits

EXEDY Heavy Duty Button (HDB suffix) clutch kits are manufactured to meet the demands of various forms of amateur drift, circuit, rally and drag racing and are assembled from 100% new component parts. All HDB kits are supplied with high clamp load clutch cover assemblies and ceramic button clutch discs with sprung dampers.

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